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Building A Collaborative Ecosystem

OSH (Oman Startup Hub) is a platform for startups, investors, advisors, and entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and learn about the innovation ecosystem in Oman.

Wherever you are currently on your entrepreneurial journey, OSH will have resources, toolkits, and supporters relevant to you.

Join our growing community and access tailored insights into the ecosystem, and access to supporters, investors and advisors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Discovery Tool work? 

The Discovery Tool is an interactive dynamic guide to the ecosystem. It's aim is to enable startups to find the supporters best suited to their needs, and also to allow supporters to explore the various startups in the ecosystem. Based on data gathered by OSH on companies, supporters and startups can input up to 3 criteria depending on what they need, e.g. funding, training etc. The tool will then recommend the startup/supporter that is most relevant, you can then click the logo to take you to their profile and proceed with contacting them. If a relevant company cannot be found, then we encourage you to submit that feedback so we can identify gaps in the ecosystem and ensure that we work with our partners to fill them.

How will OSH use my information? 

All information that is confidential is clearly marked, and is strictly for data gathering purposes in order for stakeholders to make informed decisions on how to better build the Innovation ecosystem. All other information will be displayed on the site and will help feed the ecosystem and ensure that the site can recommend the most relevant stakeholders for your benefit.

What are the benefits of signing up? 

Members get tailored insights depending on their needs and alerts based on requirements. They also have access to the Idea Bank where they can add to or search the database of ideas previously submitted to competitions.

I’m looking for an advisor or board member for my startup. Can I find one on OSH? 

Yes! Please look through our registered advisors and make sure you update your profile to alert our advisors that you are looking. We will get you in touch with the most relevant advisor in our database and you can take the conversation forward.

My business isn’t technology focused; what resources does OSH have for me? 

Although many of the startups on OSH are technology focused, the supporters available are from across the ecosystem. Use our dynamic map to identify who is most suited to your needs and contact them.

I have an idea for a business, how can OSH help me? 

OSH is most relevant to startups that are already established or are in the process of establishment. If you have any idea, you can use the discovery tool and input the stage "cultivate" to find the supporter that is most relevant to help you in your ideation journey.

I’m interested in supporting a startup. How do I get involved with the startups in OSH? 

When filling out your profile you can update your interests and get tailored alerts in your dashboard. Startups looking for the same services offered by your organization will show up and you can get in touch with them.

Can I be involved in more than one startup? 

Yes! Startups may ask you to sign an NDA, and each startup will have their own conditions that you can discuss with them.

Can I receive financial compensation? 

Yes! You can negotiate financial renumeration with the startup once you are connected.

Can I offer my time for a one-off meeting, or does it require a commitment? 

Yes! As an advisor you can provide as much or as little time as you have. Startups are always looking for experienced minds and are happy with whatever you can offer. State your preference when registering an advisor, and we will match you with the most appropriate startup.