EJAAD is a collaboration & communication hub for research and innovation in Oman linking academic research to industry needs.


Invest Easy is an e-service portal for the business community in Oman. It provides fast and easy e-‎services to help set up and manage companies in Oman. Using the e-services helps minimize ‎paperwork and saves costs and time.

Invest Easy

Ambassadors of Smart City Platform is an SCP initiative to cultivate public involvement on smart cities related issues with an aim to establish communities of practice (CoPs).

Smart City Platform Ambassadors

The Riyada Mentorship program is a way to transfer knowledge gained from business leaders to SMEs in order to upgrade their skills and learn about the challenges their businesses may be exposed to.

Riyada Mentorship Program

The premier international law blog giving up to date updates on changes in Laws in Oman.

Oman Law Blog

Riyada has developed a comprehensive SME ecosystem map to further enhance stakeholder engagement and bridge gaps in the existing SME system

Riyada Ecosystem Map

In an effort to build a comprehensive ecosystem, Zubair SEC have mapped out the innovation ecosystem in Oman. Updated as of May 2019

Zubair SEC Ecosystem Map

SME Ecosystem in The Sultanate. Sensing and Seizing Opportunities in The Tourism Industry

Zubair SEC Publication

A look into the ecosystem, it’s significance and opportunities given Oman’s vision 2040.

Oman's Startup Opportunity

A platform to connect MENA startups, investors and opportunities. Be connected, be informed and be empowered.


Qatar based Silatech’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Map is designed as a tool for entrepreneurs, support organizations and policymakers involved in Oman’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Oman Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Map

Y Combinator introduced the safe (simple agreement for future equity) in late 2013, and it has been used by almost all YC startups and many non-YC startups as the main instrument for early-stage fundraising.

Safe Financing Documents

The KISS docs are designed to save founders & investors time and money. They’re free legal docs you can use to raise money quickly & easily

Convertible Note: KISS (Startup 500)

Oman's Digital Science Library


Get Messy, Not Dirty!

A Framework for an Omani Regulatory Sandbox

Understanding your CAP Table

VC Series - Understanding your CAP Table

Allows for Fintech solutions providers to live test their innovative apps that are enabled by new technologies, in a safe environment under the supervision of the CBO

Central Bank of Oman - Fintech Regulatory Sandbox Framework

Law fird CMS provides start-ups with valuable support and guidance and their high-quality legal advice ensures a solid basis for the future


With you from the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. start your startup project and develop your entrepreneurial capabilities to keep pace with market requirements and seize opportunities

Edlal Platform - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Find out more about the startup world with Jalal AL-hadhrami

Jalal AL-hadhrami، find out the truth

Gain insight into the Omani Ecosystem with OSH's first Ecosystem report - a snapshot of activity in 2020

OSH Ecosystem Report 2020

This page highlights the most important emerging technologies and investments adopted by various entities to support innovation and keep pace with the developments of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Emerging Technologies

A chart showing 23 institutions and supporting entities that are part of the ecosystem for the development of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship

Incubator environment system

Regulation of Crowdfunding Platform Activity

Crowdfunding Platform Activity

The knowledge economy and future technologies

Economic Forum Program

Startup kit is a service that aims to provide resources that contain a set of tools and models that the entrepreneur need

Startup Kit 

More than 100 Entrepreneurial terms of interest to startups, collected for you in one file. The file is in Arabic

Entrepreneurial Terms