Top Tech Startups in Oman

05 June 2019

Like the rest of the Gulf, Oman has always been dependent on oil based revenues. A country where generally native people opted to work in the public sector or public-sector owned entities instead of starting their own business until recently. In 2013, there were only 323 Omanis who had registered their own businesses, but in a span of three years the number went up to 4300 in 2015. This empowered the Sultanate of Oman to encourage entrepreneurship in Oman. Through outlets such as Startup Oman, the government of Oman is encouraging the budding entrepreneurs to start innovative businesses. As a result, the Omani community is now enjoying the work of several groundbreaking startups. As technology has become a quintessential part of the startup ecosystem, tech startups are looming large by the day.

Here we list Oman’s highest valued tech startups that are ruling their respective sectors with innovative technologies.


A unique food delivery service, Clickformeal was started in 2012 in Oman. Through this online portal, users can choose eateries they want to order by searching the available options nearby their locality. In order to provide more variety to its customers, Clickformeal featured restaurants that specialize in all types of cuisine, ranging from Omani to Mexican. Customers can view menus from all the listed eateries and even see the ratings that other patrons have given each one.

Like other food-delivery websites, Clickformeal makes it easy for customers to place orders online. However, it has created a unique system that eliminates the need for credit card payments. Instead, customers can simply pay for their meals when they arrive at the door, making the ordering process highly secure. In addition, customers can earn digital CFMoney for each order that they place, enabling them to save on future orders.

Genesis International, LLC

Established by Qais Al Khonji, a renowned Omani entrepreneur, in 2012, Genesis International LLC has undertaken some groundbreaking initiatives across multiple sectors. The startup became a technical pioneer in completing projects related to infrastructure for the Omani community. The company has spearheaded initiatives in areas ranging from solar energy to electricity distribution. The startup has also engaged in another major undertaking that involved the creation of a “smart city” that sought to automate the process of making utility payments for locals.

KI-Bros Productions

Oman’s most popular video product startup, Kl-Bros Productions was created by brothers Yasir and Dawood Al-Kiyumi. Since graduating from Oman’s SAS Centre for Entrepreneurship, the startup has established itself as a major player in the local market by consistently producing high-quality content. KI-BROS Productions leverages a team of talented 3D artists, screenwriters, and editors to provide domestic and international clients with live-action and computer-generated videos. The team has particular expertise in melding these two mediums, which allows them to undertake any creative project that comes their way. In the past, KI-BROS Productions has worked with prominent clients such as Akassa, a children’s television program. The startup created the title sequence for the show in 2013 and 2014.

Alatool Muscat

Since 2012, Alatool Muscat has sought to revolutionize the Omani e-commerce industry by providing clients with a unique buying system. Every day, the startup offers a new deal to its subscribers, who have the opportunity to purchase it while it is still available. Alatool Muscat requires that its clients act quickly in order to take advantage of the daily deals. The startup allows its users to pay in a number of convenient ways: credit card, cash, or in-person. By 2016, these services had helped Alatool Muscat to garner nearly 90,000 subscribers.

Al-Etijahat for Design

Another graduate of the SaS Center for Entrepreneurship, Al Etijahat for Design has become a major player in the Omani information and communication technology sector. The startup, which is based just outside of Muscat, was one of the first entities of its kind to provide custom design assistance to clients across the Sultanate of Oman. Al Etijahat specializes in all manner of online services, ranging from the management of client social media accounts to the development of video marketing materials. The startup’s primary focus, however, is graphic design. Through the work of its talented design team, Al Etijahat is able to create a diverse range of products such as infographics and e-magazines.


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