Your Doctor by Your Side app launched in Oman

20 January 2021

The smartphone application, Tabibak Janbak (Your Doctor by Your Side) was launched yesterday under the patronage of Ridha bin Juma Al Saleh, Chairman of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI).  

The launch ceremony was held at the headquarters of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The celebration also included the speech of the project owner Khalil Al Aghbari, in which he spoke about how the health information technology sector would see a remarkable growth due to the increase of demand for modern technologies, mainly the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Hence, we have to keep abreast of this digital development and technology for the sake of provision of quality services to society. We are pleased – as an Omani company- to announce the launch of the application for smartphones under the name “Your Doctor by Your Side”. The application has a database equipped with all that relates to health services and which is accessible within a relatively short time, he said. The programme would enable citizens, residents, visitors and tourists to find doctors and medicines at any time and place in the Sultanate, by asking the domestic healthcare service.

The speech of Khalil Al Aghbari was followed by screening of a documentary on the project of Tabibk Janbak which represented the launch of the project.

The project represents the largest platform which comprises all government and private health services and domestic healthcare in the Sultanate. The application includes a map of the Sultanate showing all hospitals, health complexes, health centres , clinics, pharmacies, etc providing all government and private health services.

The application includes seven sections as follows: 

The first section is on basic data of healthcare facilities including pharmacies, opticians and medical laboratories. The second section is on medical consultations “Your Doctor for Consultations”, which allows users to conduct video conversations with doctors and would help a doctor explain the plan of treatment.

The third section has the provision of participation of several medical practitioners who have registered themselves for the provision of home healthcare.

The fourth section enables the participation of allied health professionals such as nurses, physiotherapists and cupping technicians who provide domestic healthcare services for patients at home or at any other place where the patient is available.

The allied professionals also provide continued and comprehensive healthcare and follow up for patients. The fifth section titled “ life coaches” enables life coaches to make conversations with patients to help them with the plan and to assist them in making material changes in their lives. The sixth section is for “emergency cases’ doctors and provides fast response as the list shows the nearest paramedic, doctor, hospitals or ambulances.

The seventh section is on “Health education”. It includes videos and tips for emergency cases. It also includes publications and notices of the Ministry of Health and other institutions. The programme aims to train families on basic skills and contributes to offering domestic healthcare for patients following operations / surgeries and for those suffering from bedsores. The application would save time spent at hospitals to obtain the services. It is also aimed to raise awareness among the community members on health-related issues and to facilitate access to health data and services.


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