Zubair SEC participates in virtual GCC conference to support innovation and entrepreneurship

20 April 2021

Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) participated in the second GCC conference to support innovation, industrial intelligence, technology, and entrepreneurship system. The virtual conference was held under the patronage of Dr. Abdullah Issa Al Salman, Minister of Commerce and Industry, Kuwait.

The three-day conference was organized by Ecosystem Consultants and the GCC Intellectual Property Training Centre, Sultan Qaboos University, Women Institution of Development and Peace, and Arab Planning Institute.

The conference was attended by excellencies, dignitaries, high-level executives, and representatives of the public and private sectors from across GCC countries. A number of leading personalities and heads of centers and institutions from the field of entrepreneurship and technology also participated in the conference.

The objective of the conference was to foster an innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial climate while engaging the community in the same activities. It also aimed to support the sustainability of smart growth through technology, collaboration, education, and other strategies. It looked at implementing strategies to accelerate the social and economic impacts of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship at all levels.

It sought to exchange experiences with effective partnerships in innovation, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurship. It tried to identify challenges and opportunities in the same topics. 
The points of discussion at the conference were best practices of the ‘entrepreneurial’, ‘innovation’, and ‘artificially intelligent’ ecosystem. It deliberated on strengthening traditional and virtual services for innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship initiatives, and programs. The conference reflected on effective tools and strategies for innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship programs. It also mulled over innovative approaches to teaching entrepreneurship and creativity.

Zubair SEC’s participation came as a direct invitation from organizers to represent the role of the private sector in the innovation and entrepreneurship system in Oman.
Ali Shaker, Adviser, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Zubair SEC presented a working paper. He referred to the successful experience and expertise of Zubair SEC in the innovation and entrepreneurship system.

Ali Shaker said, “Support for innovation will enhance entrepreneurship development, which will, in turn, accelerate economic growth. Zubair SEC’s model and methodology play an important role in complementing the efforts of governments in the Gulf countries in terms of public and private partnership in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in the region. We hope to see these models in all countries of the region.”

He added, “Zubair SEC is always keen to participate in these purposeful events at the international and Gulf level. We also thank the organizers for inviting us to participate with a working paper.”

Zubair SEC, a social responsibility initiative of Z-Corp continues building solid business grounds and facilitating business development opportunities for all its members. Through Zubair SEC, its members have been getting better access to knowledge, innovation, and understanding of the market.


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