Zubair SEC signs agreement with the Ministry of Social Development

14 September 2021

In order to enrich collaboration between the public and private sectors, a cooperation agreement was signed today between the Ministry of Social Development, represented by the department of Service of Family Development and the Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC). The agreement aimed to develop support programmes for families of social security in the management, entrepreneurship and business establishment sectors. The agreement was signed by Sayyida Maani bint Abdullah Al Busaidia, Director General of the General Directorate For family development, representing the Ministry and Said Salim Al Sahib, Director of Zubair SEC, representing Zubair SEC. Also in attendance were, H.E. Rashid Ahmed Shamsi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Development, and Al Zubair Mohammad Al Zubair, Vice Chairman of the Zubair Corporation.

The agreement includes the design of specialised training programmes to help families of social security and develop their skills and capabilities in the field of management and entrepreneurship. In addition, it seeks to help them build their own business by providing them with specialised consultations in preparing a feasibility study as well as operational and financial plans. Marketing and incentive programs to promote their business and enhance its sustainability are also provided as part of the programme. 

Following the signing of the agreement, Sayyida Maani Al Busaidia stated, “We always strive to enhance the cooperation between the public and private sectors to unify the efforts of both parties in serving the community. Today, we are delighted to enter into this agreement with Zubair SEC, an entity that has proven its presence during the past few years by supporting and empowering small businesses. This is aligned with the objectives of the General Directorate for Family Development, which is also keen to help families of social security and enable them to establish small businesses. This way, we can support their economic and social stability.”

“We look forward to establishing professional programmes to qualify these families in the field of management and entrepreneurship during the upcoming period, in cooperation with experts from both sides. Moreover, we look forward to signing similar agreements with other institutions in the private sector to enhance this fruitful collaboration,” Sayyida Maani added.

From his side, Said Salim Al Sahib said, “We fully believe the importance of joining hands between the public and private sectors, to enhance performance and accelerate the process of comprehensive development. We are prepared to put forth our expertise to support the development of small enterprises so that the objectives of this agreement can be met. We also look forward to ensuring that families of social security possess the necessary skills in the fields of entrepreneurship and the establishment and management of small businesses. The training programmes that the centre will develop, in conjunction with our partner, the General Directorate for Family Development, will contribute towards enhancing the capabilities of these families to achieve their economic independence. This is made possible by upskilling them to establish their own business and develop it continuously and suitably, to raise their standard of living.”

"We are pleased to have Zubair SEC selected by the Ministry of Social Development, represented by the department of Service of Family Development, to develop these training programmes. We look forward to seeing the results take place in the upcoming period,” Said added.

Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) is one of the most important initiatives emanating from the strategic vision of the ‘Zubair Corporation’ for its social responsibility, which reflects the corporation’s belief in the importance of small enterprises in advancing the national economy and contributing to sustainable economic and social development. Established in 2013, Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) is a professional body that capitalises on its high professionalism, diversified offered knowledge, a wide range of accumulated expertise and its own global and local network and strategic partners. The Centre provides a wide range of services which include clinical solution-based advisory, capacity building, networking platforms, business development, and a yearly programme that selects ten winners who receive a financial grant, as well as intensive advisory services, branding, packaging, product stabilization, as well as business development.


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