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Tomooh Program

To stimulate the e-commerce ecosystem in the Sultanate


At ASYAD Express, we believe that to go fast and go further, we must work together. That’s why we want to establish partnerships and alliances with other e-commerce players for the betterment of the ecosystem. ASYAD Express’s growth and success is dependent on its capability to build a vibrant e-commerce industry in Oman in collaboration with The Authority of Small and Medium Enterprises Development as well as active startups and SMEs in the e-commerce space. To this effect, ASYAD Express launched “Tomooh” an e-commerce innovation center within its premises. We want to scale-up the e-commerce business community and grow together.

Tomooh is a platform designed to accelerate and support e-commerce startups and SMEs. Tomooh aims to develop e-commerce in Oman and support the country’s goal of becoming a regional logistics hub.

Tomooh community will include:

    • Partner SMEs active in Last Mile Delivery and E-Commerce in general
    • E-Commerce Affiliates who would like to network and learn more about the e-commerce ecosystem

Selected members of Tomooh are 2 SME’s at the moment and 4 startups have been offered office spaces at the operation center of ASYAD Express as well as support services in technology and logistics.


Registration criteria


  1. Owner of the SME or one of the partners must be dedicated full-time to managing the project.
  2. The team must not exceed three members inclusive of the team lead.
  3. The Team Lead must be Omani.
  4. The idea should be creative and innovative within the eCommerce industry.
  5. The idea should add value to Asyad Express in eCommerce relevant topics.
  6. Willingness to transform the idea into a product while hosted by Tomooh program.

Past Events

Heather Henyon of Mindshift Capital!
MINDSHIFT Capital is focused on post-seed early-stage companies in the Middle East, U.S., and Europe. Through a global network, MINDSHIFT identifies companies with scalable technology, exceptional leadership and high growth potential. Joins us for this fireside chat with Heather Henyon, founding partner of MINDSHIFT talks to us about investing with a gender lens, ensuring diversity of thought while narrowing the funding gap for female-led ventures.
28 June, 2021
05:00 pm
Zoom meeting
Invest right
27 June, 2021
06:00 pm
Orange economy
Khalid is a social innovator, an academic and an insights storyteller. Throughout his career, his passion and hands-on work focused on people and enterprise development, and has been passionately enjoying adding and sharing value in this field with diverse teams throughout different capacities for 20 years.
23 June, 2021
01:30 pm
zoom meeting
Marketing plan
20 June, 2021
08:00 pm
Microsoft teams
OTF / D3 Digital Demo Day
16 June, 2021
01:00 pm
YouTube Live
Startups & Banking
Get all the answers about banking for SMEs & Startups including some info about VAT
08 June, 2021
05:00 pm

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